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  • “I’ve been with Borealis Systems since 2004. My first account was for my webcomic but once it became clear that they were fast and courteous with my requests and concerns, I began to rely on them for all of my web and hosting projects. I choose an available domain name and a package, they set it up, and in no time flat you’re uploading your files. It doesn’t get any easier.”


    –David Wade, New York, NY
  • “Borealis Systems set up my first laptop years ago and I have used them ever since. I have consulted Borealis Systems about every type of question and I have been able to reach a technician or arrange a home visit within hours. They have set up wireless networking, installed security systems and fixed software problems. I have recommended Borealis Systems to my friends successfully, and will continue to use them as my main source of technical help.”

    –Nancy Cass, Chicago, IL